Broiler Pre-Starter:

This is what we refer to as the “Booster Feed” . It is used for broiler chicks in the first days of life. Extremely high in protein and energy sources, it gives that extra boost to broiler chicks so much needed in this delicate time.

Broiler Starter:

This is a feed produced in the form of crumbs and should be used after the broiler Pre-starter till 21 days of life. Free from any antibiotics but with nutribiotics, it is the appropriate feed that gives optimal performance during the first phase of life.

Broiler Finisher:

This feed is produced as a 3.5mm pellet and is used after the Broiler Starter from day 22 till day 42 or slaughter time. With more energy contents and amino acids, it gives the necessary requirements to broilers in the second phase of their life. No antibiotics but with nutribiotics, this feed has no withdrawal period and can be used freely till slaughter.